Create virtualenvs in project directories

It's quite handy to create the virtual environment aka venv for a python project in the project folder itself. This means: No huge .virtualenvs folder in your home directory with a lot of envs which you will never use again (The one on this computer is 1.2 GB big although I do not work with many Python projects at all(!)). If you are done with a project and delete all local files, the corresponding environment will be gone with it. [Read More]

Why does poetry not use the specified Python version?

TL;DR: There is only one way to install poetry proper and that is with the installer script provided by the project itself. I was sweating for the better part of an afternoon with a colleague about this. I had installed poetry, the new star in the python tooling world and it kept using the global version of Python instead the one for the project at hand, though poetry's own pyproject. [Read More]